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Project Description

Becoming Visible

Lived experience of mental health carers

At Arafmi, we have an ongoing plan to provide services to help support carers, their families, and volunteers who care for people with mental health issues. As part of this plan, Arafmi is showcasing the different lived experience narratives of mental health carers.

The campaign calls on over 240,000 mental health carers across Australia to become visible. “We want them to join us and shine a light on the carer stories and in turn help carers to become visible” says Arafmi CEO, Irene Clelland.

Recent research undertaken by Arafmi Ltd of over 250 carers shows that 97% of carers are stressed and 73% of carers resonated with feeling invisible.

If you are a carer and need support, you are not alone. Contact us to access support, education workshops, events and meet other carers who want to share their stories.

See the latest overview of the Becoming Visible research (PDF)