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Bringing Fairness to Care: Caring Fairly Event

On Wednesday, 6th of March under the Hamilton Town Hall roof, Caring Fairly, a national campaigning coalition, hosted a roundtable of 60 people to discuss the issue of informal and unpaid carers.

Federal politicians, Queensland carers and staff from Mind Australia, Arafmi Ltd, Carers QLD & Eating Disorders Queensland came together for a couple of hours to discuss better support for our carers across the state.

There are an estimated 494,200 unpaid carers in Queensland, which breaks down roughly to one in eight people. An estimated $8.3 billion in resources would be required annually from the government’s health and community sector to replace the work carried out by these unpaid carers.

Dr Sarah Pollock from Mind Australia lead the roundtable, asking questions and drawing some of our politicians in for comment.

Several of our carers were brave enough to stand, take the microphone and share their stories and journey through the mental health process.

Most of these stories moved many to tears and a heartfelt thanks go out to those who shared these private and often deeply emotional moments of their lives.

We found it extremely beneficial to have the federal politicians in attendance and know that those who were present left with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the struggles that are faced in a carer’s everyday life.

We hope that the needs of our unpaid carers have been heard and will be taken into account in this lead-up to the federal election in May.

We issued each of our carers with information on the different carer services we offer in Queensland, as well as the Caring Fairly toolkit which details different ways for our Queensland carers to advocate for change.

If you were unable to attend the event and would like to access a copy of these materials, please contact us on 07 3254 1881 or email and we will gladly post you a copy.

Remember, you are not alone. We understand the difficulties that mental health carers face and provide 24 hour phone support to anyone who is caring for or about a relative or friend with a psychosocial disability.

You can call our Arafmi team any time of the day on 1300 554 660 or 07 3254 1881 and speak to someone who understands.