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Past Events

Carers Forum 2019

Tues, 15 October 2019 | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

At our Carer Forum we hosted guest speakers from the mental health industry who provided valuable and useful information for our carers. We also shared the latest results from our Becoming Visible campaign and provided a much-needed opportunity for our carers to connect with each other.

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Mental Health Carer Retreat

Thur 29 — Sat 31 August, 2019 | Robertson Gardens, Nathan

Over three days and two nights, we provided a retreat for our carers aimed at giving them time away from their caring role. We arranged activities, entertainment, speakers and time for them to relax, unwind and catch up with other carers.

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Carers Forum 2018

Wed 17th Oct, 2018 | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

We partnered with Caring Fairly to bring you a forum which allowed carers to hear from industry guest speakers and connect with a range of providers to help carers obtain the latest information to support them in their caring role.

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Caring Fairly Event 2019

Wed 6th March, 2019 | Hamilton Town Hall

Federal politicians, Queensland carers and staff from Mind Australia, Arafmi Ltd, Carers QLD & Eating Disorders Queensland came together for a couple of hours to discuss better support for our carers across the state.

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