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Support Services

Your dreams. Your goals. Your opportunities.

Arafmi’s dedicated team will spend time with you to understand your needs and aspirations, your likes and dislikes, in order to customise services that suit you. Call us today to find out more.

Access to Community – Social and Recreational Activities and Social Support

To be happy and healthy, it is vital to create a sense of belonging, wellbeing and purpose in life. If you would like us to help you get out and about and engage in community, some options we can help with can include things like: meeting friends; attending sporting events; going to the movies or to the markets; or volunteering – at an animal shelter.

Group or Centre-based Activities

Have you considered taking classes like art, craft, cooking, gym classes, joining a walking group or a sports team or a choir? At Arafmi, we offer a range of group activities to help you take a break, learn new skills, or meet new people!

Assistance With Household Tasks

If your goal is to live independently, we can provide the following support that will enable you to do just that. Whether you live alone or with others in rented, public or private housing, our friendly support workers will work around your goals and can provide support with cleaning, cooking, shopping, mowing and more.

Transport and Travel Support

We can help you with transport so you can access the community, get to appointments and attend social and recreational activities. This can be in a vehicle alongside a support worker, or we can assist you to develop the skills and confidence to travel independently.

Book a NDIS Support Service with Arafmi

For more information or to book one of the services listed above, call us on (07) 3254 1881.