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Support Coordination

Having a choice of service providers is important in making sure that you get the support you need – as well as how and when you need it. But we know that the reality of managing multiple service providers and coordinating these supports effectively to fit with your lifestyle can be quite challenging, that’s where we can help.

Support Coordination is designed to reduce the complexities that come with negotiating formal (service providers etc.), informal (your family and friends) and government supports (NDIA). Support Coordination aims to assist to provide assistance to increase your ability to coordinate and choose the supports that you need to achieve your individual goals and to participate fully in life and in the community.

What can my Support Coordinator help me with?

  • Your Support Coordinator can assist you with achieving your personal goals by:
  • Assisting you to identify which services will meet your individual needs and goals as detailed in your NDIS plan
  • Overseeing and coordinating service providers
  • Assisting you with the skills to liaise with government, NDIA, and other agencies to get your needs met
  • Liaising with government, NDIA, and other agencies on your behalf
  • Facilitating information sharing between service providers
  • Assisting you to negotiate the scheduling of your supports, including all service agreements
  • Obtaining quotes for services
  • Connecting you to your local community
  • Working with you to develop skills, capacity, and resilience to overcome challenges
  • Respond to challenges in a timely manner

Need an NDIS Support Coordinator?

Contact us to enquire about booking an Arafmi Support Coordinator in South East Queensland.

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