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How do I get NDIS ready?

Once you have completed your Access Request, you will need to do some preparation before your planning meeting with the NDIS (or the Local Area Coordinator)

You will need to gather the following evidence for your planning meeting:

  • Evidence of your disability from medical practitioners
  • Letters of support from existing support providers, GP, psychiatrist and other allied health professionals
  • Your participant’s statement
  • A carer’s statement (where possible)

How can Arafmi help you get ready for the NDIS?

Arafmi has dedicated people employed to assist you and your family by stepping you through the registration, pre-planning, and planning stages of your application. We can work with you to identify and gather any relevant assessments and other evidence to support your application. We can also sit with you during your planning meeting, and provide support as you transition over to the NDIS.


Need help with the NDIS?

Arafmi remains committed to supporting carers and their family members with their transition to the NDIS. For support in accessing the NDIS, call us on (07) 3254 1881 to speak with one of our experienced staff or email us at

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