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Carers Forum 2018

Overview of the day

On Wednesday 17 October we held our annual Carer Forum, Caring Fairly. What a day, we hope you were part of it! If you didn’t make it we intend to share as much of it as possible with you, so keep an eye on our Facebook page and future newsletters.

‘About Us’ 

Our CEO Gary Bourke led with the transformation of Arafmi Ltd and the beginning of our journey starting in Stone’s Corner to 40 years later offering support services QLD wide and becoming an NDIS provider. Our vision remains the same, supporting you and your loved ones. You can watch our Arafmi video here.

John Foley – Mind Australia

John Foley from MIND Australia kindly gave his time to talk about the National Caring Fairly Campaign. Arafmi Ltd has joined a coalition of over 30 organisations across Australia to lobby for changes to the supports of mental health carers across Australia. To find out more go to

Sarah Roxburgh – Consumer Carer Forum

Meet your new Queensland Carer Representative on the National Consumer and Carer forum, Sarah Roxburgh. Sarah will be representing your views so let us know what you want to say here:

The NDIS Q&A Panel

We asked carers in the audience about their experiences with the NDIS and if they had questions for some of our NDIS co-ordinators, the response was overwhelming and we want to continue the conversation with you all as the NDIS continues to rollout across Queensland. Some of the key points raised on the day include:

Gathering evidence

We discussed the importance of gathering as much information (evidence) as possible to take to the NDIS planning meeting. Arafmi workers have also found that more evidence is better than not enough – ideally you want to provide evidence from each health professional and/or support service your loved-one regularly sees.

Planning Meetings

If the NDIA suggests that the Planning Meeting should happen over the phone, it is best to say no to this and request a face-to-face Planning Meeting. A face-to-face meeting will mean the NDIS Planner will be able to gain a more holistic understanding of the person you care for. You may also consider bringing along as many support providers as you would like in the room to corroborate your evidence.

The NDIS language

The NDIS will use language that might be unfamiliar to you and the person you care for. However, it is important that you and the person you care for try your best to use NDIS language throughout this process. Using NDIS language will help the NDIS understand how the person you care for meets their eligibility requirements.

Where to go for help?

If in doubt, or if you have questions about accessing the NDIS, it’s important to ask for help from a professional. If you have any further questions, call (07) 3254 1881 to speak with one of our experienced staff or email us at

NDIS Q&A PanelistsNDIS Q&A Panelists

An Introduction to Carer Coach

The transition to the NDIS has been a challenging time for many mental health carers and the people they care for. To help carers navigate the NDIS, we revealed for the first time, ‘Carer Coach’, our exciting new training program.

Carer Coach is a five module training series specifically tailored to the needs of mental health carers and the people that they care for.

For many mental health carers, the NDIS can feel like a complex new system full of unfamiliar language. Carer Coach breaks this new process down into manageable steps, presented in clear and accessible language. Carer Coach aims to make carers feel more at ease with the NDIS and to build their knowledge and skills.

Carer Coach modules cover from when the person you care for is just beginning to consider the NDIS right through to when they are using their NDIS plan.

Arafmi is currently holding Carer Coach workshops in a range of locations throughout South East Queensland. These workshops are free but places are limited so registrations are essential.

We also hope to be able to run Carer Coach workshops in other locations across Queensland in the future depending on need.

If you would like to attend a Carer Coach workshop but can’t find one near you listed, please register your interest by contacting Nicole at or call Arafmi on (07) 3254 1881.

Nicole Carer Coach PresentationNicole Carer Coach Presentation

Upcoming Carer Coach Workshops

Arafmi is running a range of Carer Coach workshops throughout South East Queensland. These workshops walk mental health carers through the NDIS process, breaking it down into manageable steps.

View Upcoming Workshops